Maaya- The beauty inside every Woman

Maaya- The beauty inside every Woman

She is gorgeous. She is love. She is grace. She is that naive girl you were at eight. She is full of wild dreams like you were at sixteen. She is as delicate as you were at two. She is that dreamy girl in you, in me and in every woman. She defies the trends and artificial beauty this world is so fond of, and embodies the audacity to stand in the light as who she is.

She knows that she isn’t perfect, she has flaws, she is real, and those flaws are what make her unconventionally beautiful. She loves being in the public eye but also deeply values and protects her privacy. She adorns her true-self with pride. She doesn’t need a filter or big eyelashes to look beautiful; she just IS - with all her imperfections and flaws, cellulite and curves, scars and freckles. She is herself, and that’s what makes her truly beautiful. 

We all have Maaya in us. We all have that innocent, dreamy, delicate, elegant, unconventionally beautiful and mystical girl in us. A girl who doesn’t need Instagram likes and comments telling her she’s beautiful, she already knows that, and she embraces her intrinsic beauty. Monk & Mei’s Handcrafted Luxury Edition– “Maaya: An AquaAura Collection” is dedicated to the very YOU.

Awakening the ethereal Maaya in You

There are times you’ve been hard on yourself. Let’s be honest, I’ve had those days when I scroll through Instagram and realize that every other girl is prettier than me. And no matter how much I try, I’ll never be that pretty. Let’s confess, we’ve been hard to the Maaya in us, we’ve discarded her opinions and her love, we’ve been blinded by the social trends and have taken her simplicity and authenticity for granted, but it’s time to awaken her. It’s time to celebrate her authenticity, to thank her for being who she is, to tell her she’s one of a kind.

Celebrating the angelic Maaya in You

Maaya “AquaAura Collection” features elegant and sophisticated designs that accentuate your true beauty. These dresses are light, comfortable and graceful. The collection is in pop colors that are the talk of the town and are perfect for the upcoming festive season. The apparels have been crafted keeping your comfort as a priority. The liquid fabric lets your skin to breathe and moves like a soft ocean wave. The designs in this collection are made using the age-old Shibori Tie and Dye art. 

An Ancient Technique

Shibori tie and dye technique originated in Japan. Shibori is a Japanese word which means to wring, squeeze and press. This Japanese technique originated in the 8th century. Traditionally, a piece of white cloth was folded, bunched, or twisted then tied and dipped into organic indigo dye and this would result in the formation of an abstract pattern. Over the centuries, this technique has evolved and various methods have been developed. Some of the popular techniques practiced are Kanoko shibori, Miura shibori, Kumo shibori, Nui shibori, Arashi shibori, Itajime shibori.

Fun Fact: No two dyed pieces result in the exact same pattern.

 Shibori is one of the handful of artforms on this planet that have lived through centuries. Despite being more than a thousand years old, it is still as fresh, eye-catching and appealing as it was 1300 years ago; just like the Maaya in you… no matter how many years you’ve seen gone by, and no matter how lost you feel, she is still in You. And she is just as interesting as the rainbow painting the sky, just as unique as a snowflake falling on earth and just as fresh as a tree during spring. Trends may come and go but she stays forever. Our new collection paints the eternal essence of Maaya in you.

So what are you waiting for? Come, let’s experience these designer ensembles and charm the world with our natural beauty and scintillating attires.


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