#KnowYourFabric - MulMul

Mulmul - eulogising a life of balance, articulation and eminence.


Mulmul (pronounced as muh-l muh-l as in mulberry) is a delicately woven soft cotton muslin originated from India. It is subtle, sheer, and ethereal fabric and often attributed to as the wonder gossamer or woven wind. Historically, this graceful fabric was once exclusive to only Indian royalty and by its unmatched qualities has gained popularity all over the world. A cotton muslin fabric that defines softness embraces the delicacy with its finest quality.

A sneak peek into the past

A sneak peek into the past

This soft cloth was not manufactured in abundance during the early days and was exclusively available to Indian royalty. Over time it has gained popularity and is now available in almost all parts of the world. Mulmul or Muslin, as known in European countries, was first crafted by Bengali weavers in the Indian subcontinent many hundred years ago. Its origination goes to Dhaka then known as Dhakeshwari located in Bangladesh, which was a part of India before independence. The fabric was referred to as Daka then, was scarcely found and fabricated only for Royal Families of Bengal.

Unknowingly we have been using mulmul in different forms in our daily lives:

  • A cloth to wrap the new-borns
  • A soft dupatta and stoles
  • A filter mesh for straining liquids
  • A rim around a Christmas pudding
  • A Beekeeper uses mulmul to filter melted beeswax

And of course, in the form of clothes we wear. 

Why should you celebrate it?

This indigenous cloth with some remarkable qualities makes it one of the best modern fashion fabrics which can be donned by anyone anytime during any season. Whether it's a small ritual at the temple or high tea party with your friends, Mulmul becomes the foremost choice for because of it:

  • Is woven from finest quality cotton yarns
  • Reflects luster and shine
  • Endures the designer looks
  • Absorbs moisture and keeps you cool
  • Gets softer with every wash
  • Is Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for most of the types of skins
  • Best suited for tropical weathers like India

Carrying on the legacy, we have created masterpieces for you

It breathes! You don’t admire the beauty of this fabric until you feel it. Mulmul emanates the freshness of modern contour bringing out the traditional essence of Indian royal legacy. If crafted assiduously by the artisans, this piece of classic cloth can reflect our magnificent culture and rich heritage. Monk & Mei, with its every master creation of the Mulmul apparel, has tried to bring you the joy of becoming a princess of your world. With our thoughtful and unique combinations of subtle embroidery, lacing and delicate trims, we have turned a humble cloth into a wonderful wearing experience. The Mulmul has an amazing texture, and our designs ensure that the ensembles are truly fit for you and are ready to lift your glam quotient. Every time you wear the suave attire made out of Mulmul, you will feel a deep connection to the history of Indian Traditions and Royalty.

Did you know?

Mulmul comes from 100% natural resource, i.e. cotton and can decompose with time, causing no harm to the environment.