About Us

Monk and Mei is an apparel brand with beliefs that a brand can provide more than just a fashionable closet. Our apparels have stories sewn into them, each contributed by master-jis, stylists, tailors, and designers. Monk and Mei is a producer-centric brand that sets its ambition to improving, empowering, and enabling our producers. We believe that our behind-the-scenes heroes deserve a seat in the spotlight.

Our team at Monk and Mei are ardent supporters of the environment. We seek to create sustainable clothing, catering to all needs. We have embarked on a journey to give back to nature through our garments: integrating fashion and what we stand for.

We at Monk and Mei reckon that a bond made between the producer and a customer is a step towards uplifting them. Two people who have never met have now made an impact on each other’s lives.

Join us on a journey, as YOU wear a story!