The making of a dream dress

The making of a dream dress

A dream is a succession of your thoughts, emotions, ideas, and sensations!

A dream! A dream which we see every day, to dress you up and bring our brand into existence with the launch of the label Monk & Mei. For us, an outfit is not just dressed; it is a thought. Every dress you see is a piece of art as a whole lot of effort goes from our side to think and conceptualize the theme for each clique of dresses. Our ensemble reflects a concept—a concept whose designs are thought through and crafted on the paper. With the efforts to create uniqueness in each outfit, we fabricate various versions of a single ensemble before we finalize the one that is the best for you. On completion of the sketching of original design on paper, several trial runs are performed by hand or single hand machines.

The actual battle begins when our designers set out to source the fabrics to turn their dream into a reality. It is not that we pick up readily available material from the open market. We set out and get the desired base fabric, approach the master dyers for dyeing the fabrics for us. If we have a design to be imprinted on the material, we draw, trace, and then print them on the fabric. After different iterations of drawing the prints, printing, testing of dyed/printed fabrics, the final piece of cloth is ready to be stitched. Not only this to beautify your dresses, but all the trims like laces/threads/buttons/embellishments are also sourced with a lot of precision to ensure that you get the best and the most distinctive stuff from the market.

The final product made for you is not just stitched directly. Every dress is first made in basic muslin fabric to understand the cut, fit, silhouette, placing of embroidery, trims & embellishments. For final fine-tuning, we conduct trials on dummies, and real bodies, and then the production starts. Monk & Mei believes that you are beautiful and deserve to dress up yourself with outfits that tell a story to each and everyone who comes across you. We are not mass producers; we make only 12 to 15 dresses of each style and in sizes ranging from S to 3XL. For each of the scales, we repeat the process mentioned above from pattern making to final sample in each size followed by final production with 3-5 pieces only in each size. We, as a brand, genuinely admire each woman is an enchantress in her own world and deserves to own her ensembles exclusive to herself. Our couture is fashionable and fits a client's specific requirements and measurements. Each piece is exclusive, yet affordable. So next time you plan to go shopping something that you want to be very close to your heart, check out Monk & Mei. Just log onto our website, choose what you want, try it on you while sitting at home… and enjoy the especially handcrafted luxury for you.

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