The Universal Nature of Trends

Print on Print: The Ongoing Fashion Trend

Several Scientific experiments have successfully proved that the human eye is naturally attracted towards symmetric patterns. No wonder some of the most iconic wonders of the world: The Taj Mahal, The Eiffel Tower and The Pyramids of Giza have a symmetric pattern. Similarly flowers, peacock feathers, butterflies, symmetric faces and the print-on-print fashion are so appealing. 

So, if you’re looking for a dress that subconsciously gets attention from the crowd, print on print is your go to solution. In a layman’s language print on print fashion works on the principle that the human eye is designed to identify patterns and observe them. We are naturally programmed to look for patterns and symmetries around us, and print on print aligned together complement and enhance each other. Just like a perfect couple. Now the question is which print?


Kaleidoscope: A Metaphor for the Changing Nature of Life

I was in sixth grade when our science teacher scribbled something on the blackboard. I hurriedly copied the entire thing without paying much attention to what it was, before entire thing was erased off the board. When I came home, I read what I’d written: “Science activity: Kaleidoscope making; Material Required: three rectangular glass slabs, duct tape and broken pieces of a bangle”. I wondered if anything either scientific or appealing to the eye could ever be made out of such mundane material; but when I finally peeped into my final outcome, I was amazed by the beautiful patterns and their tendency to never repeat themselves. 

It was life changing for me to learn that broken pieces of a bangle that ought to be discarded could also coalesce together and form something so magical and exotic. A day before what was considered useless ended up teaching me that broken things too can add a bit of beauty, warmth and color to this enigmatic world. This simple kaleidoscope activity painted a picture of life in ways words can never explain. Truly change is the only constant in life, and a majority of life too, revolves around adapting to change, embracing it, and sometimes being the change, we wish to see in the world.

Cheering Change

Celebrating change and essence of life this season, we are translating our life transforming experience on the beautiful georgettes and moss crepes fabrics with Monk and Mei’s new collection “KALEIDOSCOPE”. The Collection features some exquisite ensembles that have been crafted with the ongoing symmetric fashion trend with a modern twist.

Cheering the modern Indian woman who is an industrious breadwinner from 9 to 5, an efficient homemaker from 5 to 7, and her kid’s best friend from 7 to 10. 

These apparels are not only ethnic, fashionable and perfect for an upcoming occasion or festivity but are also comfortable, airy and fluid - enabling you to give your best for all the different roles you play. All the designs have been artfully crafted in a manner that amalgamates Indian and Mid-eastern culture with the modern trends. The Indian touch connects you to your roots, and the modern look inspires the spirit of innovation and breaking free from the chains of an orthodox society. With “Kaleidoscope” embrace the changing role of YOU in society.


PS: Style Tip

 “Less is MORE”  - Don’t confuse the eye as two prints is the magic number. Any add on print has to be smaller in size than the two main prints, and acts as a light filler, adding a bit of color and design to blank spaces so that the outfit appears to be more happening. 

  • Wear minimum accessories with light makeup.
  • Keep it simple as your outfit silently steals all the attention. 
  • Play around with shapes, sizes, patterns and colors: possibilities are limitless. You can go ahead and try options like polka dots for the top with stripped bottoms, or a dominant color can be paired with delicate ones. 
  • Variation in sizing and shapes of your accessories can also make your outfit look more dynamic. 
  • If things get complicated try something neutral like stripes and leopard prints go with almost everything. Neutral colors like black, blue, beige and white compliments all complexities.
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