It’s your child’s day, Mom! Whether you go for a parent meeting or you are attending his annual day. Enjoying a picnic or engaging in volunteering work, each day you spend with your child needs to celebrate, and if you are like us, you should dress to the nines! So, let’s talk outfits, shall we?

How about this as an Annual Day Dress?

It’s your baby’s special day! It has to be quite a dressy attire…while she dances on the stage, you look enchanting cheering him in JHANKAR - A powder-blue dress, with a hint of white and silver, over-layered with a kalidar jacket with complete frill detail.


For the Casual Day…on a PTA

Take a casual look up a notch. A day when you, as a mom, step into the school to know about the progress of your tiny tot. Why don’t you don MUSKAAN, the ensemble made of the highest quality cotton, Giza cotton? A perfect match of the niche Gota Patti work on the Kurti, paired fusion pants is one of its kind for a PTA meeting at school . You are the Mom, after all.

Style a Jump Suit for Sports’ Day

This is the day when piece of your heart wants you to be at your best! Jumpsuits are super-hot, and pairing them with a wedge sandal or a pair of court shoes is the go-to combo for Sports’ Day. Dress in AIKO - A lining and spaghetti straps to give you a flawless feel. Concealed zippers on the side, belt at the back and the string fastening are ready to give your body the desired silhouette.

The cool Mom…on a funfair day

An evening full of fun, food, gossips, and games. It’s the right time to get into a comfortable outfit that lets you enjoy with your baby. A super feminine, sleek, and sophisticated, this is the one, NISHA - A minimalistic casual Bhopali Ikat style dress, is ready to give you the classy and charming look ensuring at each one at least turns around to look at you.

Carry that elegant yet stylish look on a Field Visit...

If you are the one who feels, I want to challenge myself to try new things and decide to accompany the little one on a field visit keep it simple by sporting ANANDITA - tassels combined on this white and green dress with a kimono silhouette make it funky yet graceful. Kimono, a sign – you love a challenge.


Do you have to drop your baby to school? Here’s what you should wear….

Oh my! Today I have to pick up my angel, and I don’t have anything to wear? Is that the feeling you get when you scroll through your wardrobe? Besides, the white top and jeans seem to be a bit more elevated…but the culotte paired exceptionally well with the light, breezy blue leheriya top. LEHER is the happy-go-lucky outfit perfect for boosting your confidence.

Try this when you are volunteering at your baby’s school….

Volunteering at the school is an experience in itself! A privilege for you to be a part of the prestigious event. Instead of a regular Salwar Kameez, why not break a rule, and look adorable wearing PRASANNA, the emerald green dress akin to a bright day brining in light-hearted conversations and laughter.

If you happen to plan for a quick cup of coffee to chit chat about what's happening around? Just pick up any of our casual outfits and be the show stopper for the coffee with moms.

Dresses are the go-to fashion piece for the cool moms who want to style it off for any of the school activities. As the mother of a child, you always want to dress appropriately and with sophistication. Why not try Monk & Mei’s range of clothing that ensures that you do not compromise your individuality? Monk & Mei ensembles are stylish, age-appropriate, and let you be yourself. The trick is just finding the right one, visit https://monkandmei.com/

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