Mem Sahib Bold and The Very Beautiful

You are a paradox. You are faithful and yet detached. You are committed yet relaxed. You love everyone and yet no one. You are sociable but also a loner. You are gentle yet tough. You are passionate but can also be platonic. In short you are predictable in your unpredictability and bold underneath your beauty, just like Queen Nur Jahan, one of the most iconic, influential, and powerful queens of the Mughal Empire.

Though raised in an ordinary family, she became one of the few Indian queens who had coins minted under her name. Nur Jahan's real name was Mehrunisa but after her marriage to Jahangir, she was bestowed with the title of Nur Jahan which means light of the world, and quite like her name she enlightened the world with her way of life. She designed a plethora of architectural monuments, which inspired designs of wonder across the world, the Taj Mahal being one of them. She ruled the Mughal empire briefly yet boldly, took bold steps for the betterment of her people, and was a loyal lover who'd go to any extent for the people she loved. A braveheart who was way ahead of her time and had no shame in being anyone but herself. At a time when a widowed woman was considered to have no future, she allowed herself to fall in love again, dream big in life and chase her dreams as madly as possible. An icon that to date inspires people from all walks of life, not just in terms of bravery and courage but in terms of style as well. Ensembles adorned with Chikankari were Nur Jahan’s signature. She being a fan of intricate designs in architecture also liked the same on her attires. She was truly a lady of intellect and bravery with a fine taste in fashion.

"Mem Sahib" is an ode to the bold and graceful you.. just like Taj Mahal was an ode to Queen Nur Jahan.  The collection is inspired by royal Chikankari fabric keeping delicacy and intricacy a priority in an attempt to portray the beauty of being an independent woman who doesn't mind being in the public eye, but yet deeply values and protects her privacy. Who is complete in herself yet cherishes her close connections and friendships. She is dominating and authoritative yet at the same time has a soft corner and lets her guard down at times when around people whom she trusts. She values education yet believes in real-life experiences which may sometimes conflict with what books say; because she has a mind of her own and a conscience in which she believes. She has many shades yet in each shade, she is unconventionally beautiful. A beauty that might not be necessarily be pleasing to the eye; go and exchange a word or two with her and you'll realize beauty is not only meant to be seen through the eyes but can also be heard by the heart as well. She may get married to a beautiful prince at some point who has all the jewels of the world but she is first married to herself, a jewel she values the most

Monk and Mei, celebrates the different shades of being a woman with the collection “MemSahib” - dedicated to the daring queen that resides in you, who is way ahead of her time and expresses her bold self and ideas without the fear of thinking about what the world would say.



So, just be yourself in our handcrafted pashtun angrakha “Rukhsar”, twirl in the "Masoom" handcrafted lehenga set, walk-in panache in the "Madhubala" fish cut saree with a belt, or stride ahead into a new world of confidence and authenticity wearing the Heer Jacket set.




You may be a young girl in your twenties or a mother of two naughty kids in your forties, you may be the queen of the home making mouth-melting savories, or a corporate leader excelling at board meetings… never forget there is always a Monk & Mei attire from "Memsahib" ready to adorn YOU - the queen of your own empire.

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