Saga of an Indian Saree

Issh… Saga of an Indian Saree

From her 12th grade farewell to her wedding and even beyond, Saree will always occupy a special corner in the closet of every Indian girl. It’s an age-old tradition passed on from grandmothers to their granddaughters. Its indomitable magic continues to mesmerize and spellbind people from all around the world. This nine-yard piece of cloth radiates an elegance that’ll never go out of style.

The Birth of this Beauty: A Funny Story actually

Creation of this timeless beauty is not some Indian mythological tale involving Indian Goddesses and Gods in it. The funny part is it was a superstition actually, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you’re an Indian.
So, way back in India, it was believed that stitching clothes made them impure, owing to which women wore a nine-yard piece of unstitched cloth draping it across the breast in the form of a chest band and along the waist to cover the lower body, this was usually accompanied with a shawl like Uttariyas. 

The Changing Saree

With its existence for more than 5000 years, Saree is considered as one of the oldest forms of clothing all around the planet. Different cultural and religious groups put together different ways to drape this 9-yard piece of cloth in such a manner that reflected their values, culture and personality the best. Saree has existed and played a crucial role in the Arabic culture as well, with flowy shararas and ghararas considered as the first choice amongst women for any upcoming festivity or occasion. 

Globally Saree is considered to be famous not only because of the Indian culture and pride it reflects, but also how this piece of cloth binds the diverse communities and societies of our country. The most captivating fact of Saree remains how it gives you the complete freedom to fashion it according to your personality. It’s a universal story that you can twist and turn according to your personality and drape.

The Kaleidoscope of Saree

There are 108 ways of draping a Saree, some of the most popular ones are:

Top Ten Ways to Drape a Saree:

Athpourey shari from Bengal

Nivi drape from Andhra Pradesh

Kappulu from Andhra Pradesh 


Nauvari Saree from Maharashtra

Mohiniattam from Kerala

Seedha pallu from Gujarat, UP and Odish

Koorgi Style from Karnataka

Kunbi drape from Goa

Madisar Saree from Tamil Nadu

Santhal Drape from Orissa

A Saree for The Modern Indian Women

Carrying the royal tradition and passing this monumental and regal legacy to the millennium women of today, with great pride and immense love, Monk & Mei presents to you The ISSH Saree - a one-minute attire for today’s restless youth and their fast-paced lives. 

Keeping in mind how women’s life has changed over the years, especially the last one… and how we’ve been drifting away from our rich heritage, which somewhere is taking a toll on us, often making us feeling lost and blinded by trends that do make us socially relatable, but inside, we’re hollower than ever, disconnected from our ancestors and our beginnings. For the girl who longs to connect to her roots yet be quick on her feet, not left behind managing and adjusting a nine-yard piece of tradition that slows her down. In today’s fast paced world, for the girl who wishes to walk through her day wearing her story but at the same time not compromising with her valuable time, as she leads her tribe without hesitation and fear because the saree we made for her, stands by her at all times, supporting and comforting her, draping her with strength, confidence, personality and the connection she has longed for, and which doesn’t take more than a minute to wear, making it the best of both worlds. 

The Saree is in pop colors and is handcrafted keeping comfort as a priority. We’ve incorporated a liquid fashion design that makes the attire super comfortable and accentuates the grace, elegance and delicacy that are at the heart of this attire. We’ve tried to put together this priceless tradition in a way that would fit into your busy lifestyle not taking more than a minute so that, in the hustle of life you’re always connected to your roots and this phenomenal tale of change and adaptability. Wrap yourself in this handcrafted luxury, just made for you.

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