A rose from my old diary is a concept drawn from era of renaissance and beauty of Impressionism Art. A collective for remembering those impressionist afternoons like picnic with family, freshness of green grass, golden sunshine, blooming flowers with beautiful butterflies around, fragrance of French countryside and glasses of fruity yet crisp wine.

We bring you a collection, which is full of hand illustrations of big blushing roses where butterflies will hover around you.  The ensemble embroidered or digitally rendered with love on beautiful linen and cotton silk fabrics. The hues are extracted from nature – green grass and blooming flowers. The shades of pastel green, buttercup yellow, ivory white, rose pink, powder blues are so fresh and unheard of to make it even more special for you.

The Dresses 

We wanted to make something special that suited the Indian women body and skin, while integrating the French high street fashion vibe and feel. Our last season got us many requests for easy breezy tops, dresses in fabrics, which were more flowy and easy to maintain, cuts which accentuated the Indian women, the colors which brought the best out of our Indian skin tone. So we sketched & we sketched & we sketched till we found the right silhouette in the perfect color of our chosen palette... 

Finally we came out with an eclectic collection of

  • Tops with belts, embroideries, crochet laces
  • Day dresses embellished with buttons, frills,
  • Floor length dresses in cotton silk fabrics with digitally rendered roses
  • Indian kurta sets with pearl laden tassels and 3-D embroidered roses & butterflies
  • Basics like white/beige bottoms, universal belts, shift jackets…
The ensemble has casual to occasion wear, from naughty tops, paper-bag pants for the curvy you, day dresses to indo-western kurta sets and long dresses for evenings, we have got all covered for your day to night wardrobe.

The fabric & embellishments

Every merchandise is hand illustrated thinking of just you in mind. Linen and silk fabrics from interiors of India are sourced with love for your unique style. Every embroidery and print is done with passion for that perfect finesse. A perfect silhouette is achieved as a test fit dress is made for every size. Finally, it is hand stitched by our experienced Masterji (Expert Tailor) with care to bring the piece into life for your unique soul because there is no one other like you. 

The easy breezy, summery outfits with earthy and fresh colors to lighten and brighten up your mood. Monk & Mei presents you with a very special designer wear collection for you to start your journey in the by lanes of France.


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