A Monk Never Quits - Part 2

A Monk Never Quits - Part 2

Reestablishing ourselves as we commenced our new journey, we created beautiful stories of the people who are behind the cosmos of our collection.  Spreading the joy of acceptance of the hard work put in by each of the people behind the scene our each of the ensembles is ready to tell you a tale. As we spread our wings to become the patron to carry the legacy of the small entrepreneurs who originate in our remote villages, thereby giving them a platform to showcase their talent….come and join us in the journey of enriching lives…..

Disseminating joy and hope to others

For a second, we thought it’s all over, but the #MonkInUs……


……told us to look at the brighter side of life as there is a sunrise after every sunset.... The courage and strength given by our inner selves made us start all over again. We started a new journey with the thought in mind that this world is a kind place, and the universe will not let us down. Our preserve to create an impact at the grassroots made us forge ahead. Soon, our new baby with the label Monk and Mei was contrived. We started creating beautiful ensembles in Block & Daboo prints, Chikankari, Chanderi, Brocade, and Mulmuls. We took our first step towards empowering the experts like master jis, block printers, dyers, embroidery operators from remote villages of India who were looking to grow while providing livelihoods to many in their communities. We achieved an improbable victory when one of our Master jis' got engaged with Suchitra, Rashmita, Dashrathi, who gave him an opportunity to create accessories like earrings or a pouch with zero leftover fabric waste creating a positive impact on our environment.

Women Tailor Work
The beautiful bond of mentor and disciple always shines like the splendor of victory, and we created ours. Our philosophy of having gratitude towards each human being has helped us to advance and illuminate many lives from different parts of India and bring their masterpieces to women across the world from the USA & Middle East to Singapore & Australia. The buyers started to appreciate the producer centric concept, and soon we became a platform for the exchange of ideas among women who had accomplished themselves and those who wanted to follow in the footsteps of achievers... indeed, a journey of a billion dreams started...

Made By Us

We all know that “An iron when heated in flames and pounded, becomes a fine sword and the challenges test machers!”. With this on our minds, we have embarked on a voyage to make this world a kinder place for all the women who once who aspired to send their kids for higher education, to engage and collaborated with such other artisans who are struggling to get employment and deserve a good livelihood but fail to establish their identity due to lack of exposure. We take immense pride in creating infrastructure like Monk & Mei, where buyers embrace the beautiful creations made by talented craftsmen and let them know that they, too, deserve a better life. We’ve built a platform for you to come forward and welcome the creations made by highly skilled producers by empowering and repaying them for their skills. We are a producer centric, consumer-facing clothing brand, building a platform for our producers to prosper & proliferate in. The most fabulous way you can repay this magnificent universe is by not donating but by purchasing and adding value to the chain of transferring back the affluence to the people who deserve them.


As we forge ahead, our hearts and spirits are the beacons of hopes in the darkness of night!


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