Queen of Wands - The Universe Bows to her every Desire!

Rising through the Earth, ruling every Sky, as breathtaking and devastating as the Sea - a blend of the most commanding forces … here comes The Queen! She celebrated, she cherished, she loved, she smiled and she accomplished! Every desire of hers was sure to be fulfilled by nature. Do you know why? Because she held the magical wand deep within, to achieve everything she set her eyes on. Queen of Wands- A collection that is a reflection on the empowerment and strength of being a woman. A gentle reminder that you can achieve anything you aim for. Because your soul is armed with magical wands created with years of discipline and dedication. You and only YOU own every emotion of yours.

About The Collection

The Queen of Wands is a beautiful piece of art where the surface of soft velvets is enhanced with shadow embroidery with embedded sequin work. The two-tone velvets in scarlet wine and midnight blue are fabrics to cherish for a lifetime. The softness of velvets with the shine of sequins in the sky full of stars embroidered in silk threads on the fabric's surface is sure to get you all the compliments of your near and dear ones. The ensemble is a mix of beautiful designer lehengas, sarees, party-wear dresses, and jumpsuits. This collection is the perfect representation of the essence of femininity.

Each piece in the collection is unique and showcases the aesthetics of different queens from different eras. The lehengas come in a combination of velvets and shimmering georgettes, while the blouses range from sophisticated full-sleeved styles to young ruffled sleeves, all designed to flatter your curves. And for those who prefer suits, the on offer are the versatile shararas and Pakistani-inspired designs to suit every occasion.

Know your Fabric

Velvet has always been synonymous with luxury and class. Worn by royalty and the elite, it was a very expensive and sought-after fabric. Velvet is presumed to have been in existence since 2000 BCE and its earliest form originated out of Egypt. Between 400 BCE and 23 CE, China started to produce uncut pile weaves that closely resemble what we know velvet to be, in modern times. In the Renaissance era, the methods of producing velvet were refined and transformed into modern velvet. This era also popularized velvet in fashion amongst European monarchs and aristocrats.

Fabric & Hues

The bold colors of Midnight Blue and Scarlet Wine have been chosen to reflect the confidence and boldness of a queen. The dual-tone velvet in these colors will complement every skin tone and make you look like a true diva at night functions. The shimmering georgettes, combined with the velvets, give a rich and classy vibe, while the unique embroidery, such as the ombre effect and scallops, make for an eccentric combination. Delicately embroidered laces are also used as belts and cuffs, adding a touch of uniqueness to the collection.

This collection is not just about style, but also about comfort. The combination of beauty and comfort will have you coming back for more, making it a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. Celebrate your inner queen and embrace your femininity with the Queen of Wands Collection, dedicated to the royalty within you.

About the Embroidery

The ombre-effect embroidery with embedded sequins looks like a beautifully created maize. Sequin art was first used in Arabic countries to decorate the veils and headgear of men and women to indicate their wealth and high status. Over time, sequin embroidery traveled to other parts of the world and became extremely popular as a form of decoration for all types of clothes.