Gulaal – A Harmonious Splendour

Yin and Yang: Philosophical concept of dualism in Chinese philosophy, opposing solar/masculine/active/warm yang with lunar/feminine/passive/cool yin (This angelic universe is composed of competing and harmonizing forces of dark and light, sun and moon, male and female – as everything comes in pairs)

Monk & Mei welcomes you to a world of opulence and elegance, where fashion meets philosophy and tradition intertwines with contemporary allure. Our new creation, based on a philosophy of Yin and Yang, is an interaction between silk and embroidery with hues of rani and Haldi rang (color) with a hint of Sona (gold)- each complimenting the other to create the magical world of “Gulaal”.

A collection replicating five basic elements of life. Feel the silk flowing on your skin like air, experience the silhouettes calming like water, submerge in colors that are feisty like fire, love the embroidery as breathtaking as earth, enjoy a collection that is quintessential ether(eal).

The Allure of Pink and Yellow Hues: “Gulaal” is a play on the symbol of Yin Yang (Tai Chi) - a circle divided into two halves by a curved line, signifying that there is no separation between the two opposites. The amalgamation of silks of yellow with the sunehari (golden) embroidery of pinks is just like the spring and autumn together. Pink, a color of love, compassion, and tenderness, echoes the affectionate bond among families. Yellow, representing joy, energy, and positivity, perfectly complements the vibrant atmosphere of festivals. As these enchanting colors merge with the opulence of blends of silk, go capture the essence of celebrations and togetherness.

The Elegance of Silk: Blends of Bengaluru silk serves as the canvas, elevating the collection to regal heights. The fabric resonates with the silkiness of Yin and the strength of Yang, offering a unique tactile experience that is both indulgent and empowering. Draped in this luxurious silk, walk out in grace and confidence, epitomizing the spirit of the festivals.

The beauty of Gold Embroidery: Intricately woven into each garment is the timeless allure of gold embroidery. Symbolizing prosperity, fortune, and abundance, the artistry of goldwork adds a touch of celestial splendor to the collection. With each stitch crafted by skilled artisans, the gold embroidery brings an ethereal charm that celebrates the opulence of life's celebrations.

The Timeless Fusion of Designs: Celebrate the fusion of traditional ethnic wear with contemporary elegance. The collection showcases an array of designs that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From resplendent lehengas and graceful anarkalis to chic fusion kurtas and palazzos, each outfit is thoughtfully adorned with fresh silhouettes. An alluring opportunity for women to embrace the spirit of merriments in style.

Embracing the Gulaal Collection: Draped in the essence of Yin and Yang, bask in the harmonious splendour of Gulaal. A collection that weaves together the spirit of complimentary energies, presenting a seamless fusion of grace and strength. Let Gulaal adorn you as you rejoice the love, protection, and cherished connections with your friends & family, ready to captivate their hearts.